Continued design

Today is one of those days that I want to work on all things at the same time. Impossible of course, so I have to pick something.

WordPress Theme

The work on the WordPress theme is progressing nicely. I was thinking to create an ’empty framework’, every template must adhere to basic rules and any theme has a pre-defined minimum set of files. So basically I am rethinking my workflow for creating templates. And as a developer I of course figured that someone else probably did this work already. There are many frameworks for WordPress readily available (just do a search in Google), but most of them are more than empty and not so lightweight anymore. I stumbled upon the WordPress Starter Theme project and have decided to give that a go.


I did install the new version of Blender and everything I did before is still working 🙂 now to experiment with the new stuff. Today I will experiment a little bit with conforming clothing for Poser. I start modeling the clothing in Blender, and I have a design for a 50’s dress planned to ease into it. I have done similar work before, but not with Blender nor with a version of Poser that allows dynamic clothing. So hopefully it won’t take too much time to make something decent. I eventually hope to be able to create complex models that would fit in a steampunk environment. I love the victorian style in combination with extravagant designs of common things. Also the typical materials that are used in these designs – woods, brass, leather, lace – appeals to me. Just planning ahead, but I already have an idea for a bustle dress.

Getting some work done…

Tempting… sitting in front of my PC… staring at the screen… casually browsing a bit and have nothing to worry about for a while… and time slowly moves on… and on… and on…

Then suddenly it hits me! Ohw man… I FINALLY have some time to make real progress and work on all the stuff that I want to work on for years already and I let it waste! So today I kicked myself back into shape and decided to actually be – somewhat – productive.

Cool.. so what is the plan? Well.. I once was proud owner of Poser 4, upgraded to Poser 5 and last year when ContentParadise had this crazy blow-out sale I picked up version 6. But where I actually used Poser 4, I never came to installing version 6. And I have HEAPS of content for it too! So that will be todays job, read up on creating a good install.. what to do with runtimes and so on. I also ‘use’ DAZ|Studio and that one does not really care where content sits on the PC, but I remember Poser does.. so back to browsing I guess.. tho not so randomly now *grins*…

Update: wow… so many sites around! But I bumped into this one: morphography and I absolutely love it. Concise and to the point info and heaps of usefull links and downloads.