Yesterday was my big day. A first interview in a new country. Also my first job interview in 9 years, but as I have dealt with many clients on many contracts over the past few years, that was not what scared me. I was warned about being grilled on the technical component mostly, so I had spent last week in brushing up some knowledge. To my surprise very few technical questions were asked, and I had a good and animated talk with the manager and a developer. The job is exactly what I hoped for, and would place me in an excellent position to easily start up work in a new environment. As far as I know my only negative point is that I do not have any relevant experience for the financial sector, but as I have worked successfully for both the industrial sector as well the public sector, I do not see that as a problem myself. Just a new field to explore and to learn new things about. I hope I made that clear. I know they are interviewing other candidates, so I do have to be a bit patience for a final outcome. If it does not work out, well then at least I have brushed up my knowledge on job interviews in this country 🙂