Back on-line

WOW.. been a bit hectic lately! And I suppose that follows directly from the limited number of posts sofar *grins*

I have packed all my stuff and relocated to the other side of the world. Getting there was not so hard, getting ready to go there was. And in all dust whirls caused by packing I forgot all access information for this blog … Luckily I know databases *grins* so that was fixed easily.

From now on I will have plenty time to start all my projects that have been in wait state forever. So keep your eyes open for fresh updates. Probably one of the first ones to come is the move to Umbraco.. they are in beta for version 4, and oh man, it has new features that should make any .Net developer drool.. uhm.. make that ANY developer. More on that soon!

For now .. I just have to add that I got here in Oz allright, and no .. it does not feel like I am walking upside down.. tho I must say that their winter to spring type weather looks much like the summer to fall type I left before. I am truly looking forward to some real summer… Life is going to be good!