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Aug 31 2011

Design Inspiration

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You know what? I think the hardest thing to do is to design something for yourself. As much as a doctor fails to follow his own advise or a builder keeps his own place in shape! I REALLY want to change the design of I created a new and fresh logo. And yes it […]

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Nov 10 2010

Change of Weather

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Finally! Summer is near! The temperatures are slowly going up and for the next few weeks it will be ‘comfortable’ – that is just before it becomes too hot and I need the airconditioner to feel comfy. I am still not used to the Australian weather. Funny thing is that ‘Sydney people’ try to deny […]

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May 23 2010

Big things to come…

WordPress Developer Sometimes all things seem to happen at once. I have been working hard this week – creating a new WordPress template for one of our clients and slowly I feel more like a WP developer. I had a discussion on such matter before – some years ago. This was with a former collegue […]

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Apr 11 2010

Not a nobody no more

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A long time ago I wrote a post with a question.. how do people find the way to my blog (and why would they want to find my blog as it contains mostly personal stuff)? At that time I had a vague notion about search engine optimisation – SEO – but no real knowlege. I […]

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Feb 24 2010

Talking about redesign

When we started with last December, we did things low profile as we were frantically going through our designs to decide what could be used for download, what could be turned into a tutorial and we were not really sure what direction to take yet. Thing is that we design stuff from logos to […]

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