Fast Forward 2017

I’ve worked hard. For many years. Done great things and worked with awesome people. Worked for a long time for the same company, and I’ve coded many, many websites of which some won awards. I am proud of those achievements and my greatest rewards were happy clients. Then it appeared nothing was as it should be and from one day to the other the company closed its doors. Some former clients found me by word of mouth, some via my professional profiles. Salvage was the word, and I happily help out where I can. Web Developer for hire 🙂

So what now with this site, should I turn it into a professional one? Currently I am taking a well deserved break – brushing up some skills, finding some creative flow. And I read through all these old blog posts on here, they mention some wishes and plans that never crystallized. But I have done plenty of other things instead and have had fun along the way. Not sure what I will do with them, but the site will be changed to include the more professional side of me.