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Feb 24 2010

Talking about redesign

When we started with last December, we did things low profile as we were frantically going through our designs to decide what could be used for download, what could be turned into a tutorial and we were not really sure what direction to take yet. Thing is that we design stuff from logos to […]

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Feb 21 2010

Pfft.. what a week…

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Our cute cat Most weeks life goes by in a nice reasonably predictable way and the days sorta smoothly roll over from one into another. Other weeks things happen like wild water rafting. This was such a week. Worst thing that happened was that our cute cat got hit by a car and passed away. […]

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Feb 03 2010

Working on a Valentine themed tutorial

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I wrote a tutorial on abstract designs in Inkscape, such as used for wallpapers, website banners and sigs. Tutorial Series: Abstract Wallpaper As Inkscape had many cool features for creating abstract designs without effort, I figured that just one tutorial would only show the tip of the iceberg, and that a series of tutorials would […]

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Feb 02 2010

Everything has its reason…

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LOL! Only yesterday I wrote that for some reason one tutorial on receives more hits than any other page, including the front page. Today I inspected my weblogs and I found out that the tutorial now is featured on the Inkscape tutorials blog. Wonder if that has anything to do with it 😀

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Feb 01 2010

How a simple tutorial becomes very popular

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A while back I created a simple video tutorial on how to create Spiro Swirls in Inkscape. It is aimed at beginning Inkscape artists and even without any prior Inkscape knowledge it should be easy to follow. Spiro curves (Cornu spirals) were introduced to the design world by Raph Levien, and the feature is included […]

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