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Nov 25 2009

FINALLY! Inkscape 0.47 released

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Seems that it took ages, but last night Inkscape 0.47 was released. I am a HUGE fan of Inkscape. I know, it does not offer all the features one can dream about, but it has some very cool features that makes it unique from the commercial software. And it is FREE! I do use some […]

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Nov 18 2009

New Project

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Today I started the design of a new website. It is supposed to be a complete platform for blogging, e-commerce and hosting a forum. It will be fun to tie these entities together and to provide an unique look and feel. It will be about graphic design resources, with heaps of freebies to download and […]

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Nov 12 2009


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Yesterday was my big day. A first interview in a new country. Also my first job interview in 9 years, but as I have dealt with many clients on many contracts over the past few years, that was not what scared me. I was warned about being grilled on the technical component mostly, so I […]

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Nov 04 2009

A small step…

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for mankind, but a big step for me. I got contacted by a recruiter to see if I am interested in a certain job. I am very particular in the kind of work I want to do. I want challenges, work in a challenging environment, do a nice mix of design and development. To my […]

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