FINALLY! Inkscape 0.47 released

Seems that it took ages, but last night Inkscape 0.47 was released. I am a HUGE fan of Inkscape. I know, it does not offer all the features one can dream about, but it has some very cool features that makes it unique from the commercial software. And it is FREE!

I do use some commercial software for my vector work too, but lately I try to use Inkscape where possible. Also for the new site we are about to launch, I have created some simple Inkscape tutorials. The CMS is up and running, and we are still discussing template layout, but with some effort it will be open to the public this week. Till then I hope I’ll find some more time to play with Inkscape … all the cool new features such as spiro and the new filters and live path effects are simply awesome.

New Project

Today I started the design of a new website. It is supposed to be a complete platform for blogging, e-commerce and hosting a forum. It will be fun to tie these entities together and to provide an unique look and feel. It will be about graphic design resources, with heaps of freebies to download and tutorials to follow. We are currently brainstorming, and not even a colour scheme is determined yet. I prefer funky colours with a bit of grunge, but it may as well become industrial sterile. Lots of concepts to discuss and proof of concepts to work out. It will be a busy time!


Yesterday was my big day. A first interview in a new country. Also my first job interview in 9 years, but as I have dealt with many clients on many contracts over the past few years, that was not what scared me. I was warned about being grilled on the technical component mostly, so I had spent last week in brushing up some knowledge. To my surprise very few technical questions were asked, and I had a good and animated talk with the manager and a developer. The job is exactly what I hoped for, and would place me in an excellent position to easily start up work in a new environment. As far as I know my only negative point is that I do not have any relevant experience for the financial sector, but as I have worked successfully for both the industrial sector as well the public sector, I do not see that as a problem myself. Just a new field to explore and to learn new things about. I hope I made that clear. I know they are interviewing other candidates, so I do have to be a bit patience for a final outcome. If it does not work out, well then at least I have brushed up my knowledge on job interviews in this country 🙂

A small step…

for mankind, but a big step for me. I got contacted by a recruiter to see if I am interested in a certain job. I am very particular in the kind of work I want to do. I want challenges, work in a challenging environment, do a nice mix of design and development. To my surprise the job profile offered exactly that. And within hours I got an invitation for a job interview early next week. Yay! It will be my first interview in a new country and a different language. I keep my fingers crossed and hope any reader will do that too 😀