Just stumbled upon…

I must say… I really love the Blender community. I only recently started to use Blender, but the abundance of information, tutorials, forum help that is provided is a true inspiration. It seems that those that love Blender as their 3D graphics program of choice are pouring out their knowledge to inspire new users and make them love Blender too. Well, I am slowly becoming a true disciple too.

As I wrote last week I am looking into cloths modeling with Blender. Creating a mesh needs some careful planning upfront, but once a concept is available it is not so hard. But fitting a piece of clothing snugly around a model is a bit of work. Especially if you do not want to start with a duplicate of the original body, as one may run into troubles with copyright and ownership when meshes are made available to others. Creating tight fitted meshes from scratch is rather time consuming tho.

I read about cloths modeling for Poser a while back, and some of the more talented scripters have created tools to use in that program. Philc demonstrates in one of his tutorials how to shrinkwrap a cylinder around a poser model and uses that as a starting point for a dress. I figured something like that surely should be available in Blender too. And again I was not disappointed. And to wrap it up nicely, as a matter of speech, I found a great video tutorial demonstrating this feature by Jonathan Williamson of MontageStudio too. Check it out here!