WordPress Update 2.7.1

I dreaded upgrading my old wordpress page to a new version. Been putting it off actually. I thought by now I would be deeply involved in Umbraco installs and having my own design up and running in its own CMS. No such thing yet tho.

So I decided to quickly refresh this page and selected a fresh and girly looking style for the time being. And an upgrade of WordPress to 2.7.1 was part of the action plan. The upgrade was done without troubles and the site still works so that looks good. It seems that I have created some problems with permissions on directories tho, and need to go back to reading the manual.

In the mean time… things are progressing slowly but I finally kicked myself out of my lethargy. I started to work in Blender again. Even while I have not been doing much 3D work lately, it all comes back quite quickly. I think most people find the Blender interface a bit daunting, but there are very good tutorials and courses freely available online. I decided to use the freely offered Blender 3D Design course as refresher and I am really impressed by the quality of this course. The course is aimed at the Blender beginner (and as such a bit slow for someone that has already some 3D modeling experience). The instructor Neil Hirsig uses videos to demonstrate Blenders features. The accompanying tutorials are well written and gives ample options to learn the Blender interface. Get your own feet wet at Tufts University OCW.