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Sep 24 2008

I have been sleeping…

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… way too long. Too busy packing stuff and tying loose ends. Today I found out that one of the earliest 3D modelers I used, TrueSpace is now available for free, gratuit, gratis, for noppes, nada, nix. Caligari is the company that created TrueSpace and the company was acquired by Microsoft a few months ago. […]

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Sep 23 2008

Getting some work done…

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Tempting… sitting in front of my PC… staring at the screen… casually browsing a bit and have nothing to worry about for a while… and time slowly moves on… and on… and on… Then suddenly it hits me! Ohw man… I FINALLY have some time to make real progress and work on all the stuff […]

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Sep 10 2008

Back on-line

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WOW.. been a bit hectic lately! And I suppose that follows directly from the limited number of posts sofar *grins* I have packed all my stuff and relocated to the other side of the world. Getting there was not so hard, getting ready to go there was. And in all dust whirls caused by packing […]

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