RSS troubles

If you read my earlier post, you know that I installed WordPress as a quick way out of getting a blog up and running. Also to not spend too much time on developing my own template … I grabbed this nice open source one made by InfoCreek. All seemed to be working nice and smooth, until a friend pointed out that my RSS is not working for entries.. bummer 🙁

Known problem

It appears that the most common reason is that some whitespace exists (like trailing spaces) in the php files. But it is a great hunt to figure out which. I found a nice work around, which involves cleaning the trailing spaces before rendering, but as my blog is still quite empty.. I have decided to hunt down the culprit … a little patience should do it.

Editor trouble

As I started to inspect the php files through my filemanager at the hosting location, I noticed white space added at the end of each file. Easy to fix wouldn’t you say? Yea.. I thought so too, but seems that backspace, backspace, save does not clean up. I think my online editor is as stubborn as some word processing programs that operate like they know what you want to do… *sigh*… so I think I did not improve the situation *grins* Ah well.. there are bigger issues in this world to take care of. I will fix it.. some time.. soon.